Monsanto business

Hello, I am Steven. As a student in college, I am frequently told about the different issues that are occurring worldwide. Since students are the future, we should really take an interest in and care about issues that will affect us for a long time. Monsanto Company is a multinational agricultural company that produces seeds and herbicides. The business makes billions of dollars annually and does so through ways in which can hurt the consumers of the product. As a person interested in business, the business and economics side of Monsanto interests me. The ways in which the company cuts costs can sometimes be considered ruthless. Sometimes, the company decides to produce one seed over another even though the chosen seed is harmful. Putting profits before customers is an interesting topic because of the magnitude that Monsanto goes about doing so. In farming, I don’t think there is a happy medium, where customers will be completely satisfied unless these genetically modified organisms are gone. On the economics part of Monsanto, people must decide whether to spend more money to purchase “safer” food or if they should do so for some foods and not others. I would like to further study how Monsanto changes the business landscape. Some businesses are able to take Monsanto’s business by offering safer products. Also, I would like to learn more about the economic segment and how farmers must decide what products to produce and how customers of the farmers are hit or benefit from the types of seeds the farmers do use.


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