Why Monsanto and GMOs?


I’m Caroline and I’ll be one of four bloggers on Frosted Food blogging about the topic of Monsanto and the controversy of genetically modified foods. A little about me: I’m a sophomore student at a large public research university in the south where I am majoring in public relations. My major is part of what, I think, makes the topic of Monsanto as a company interesting to me. One could say that Monsanto has what is perhaps the worst public image of any corporation currently. It’s no secret that, since their founding in 1901, most of their products have caused public controversy in some form or another.

For this reason, I plan to examine the topic of Monsanto and GMO’s through a political science-based approach, examining the way genetically modified crops and Monsanto have interacted with politics and political policy, both in the US and abroad. Specifically I’d like to particularly take a look at the 2013 Monsanto Protection Act, the contributions Monsanto has made to specific political organizations and figures, and the history of their engagement with governments in the US and abroad.

My opinion of Monsanto? Personally, my current thinking is that while there are benefits of GMOs, there are hardly enough to justify the fact, that, when it comes down to it, Monsanto has never been transparent enough about the effects their use of bioengineering could have on the food we put in our bodies.


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