Monsanto and Me: An Introduction

I am Talia. I am a student. I am an environmentalist and a humanist. I am passionate, and aim for honesty and balance. Alongside my peers, I will be blogging about the complexities of Monsanto, specifically its social injustices/justices, the effects its actions have on people in certain areas, aspects of group psychology, and public reactions to genetically modified products and pesticide affected agriculture. The impetus of my interest stemmed from a seminar I took my freshman year at Connecticut College, in which I read, discussed, and analyzed Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the award winning, non-fiction piece, it extensively discusses environmental and societal concerns with the rise in use of pesticides and chemicals such as DDT. Additionally, this course required me to write a position paper from the perspective of a Monsanto supporter, and although I overall do not agree with Monsanto’s mission, I found it fascinating researching the opposition. This course truly inspired me to further evaluate the actions of Monsanto, and analyze certain trends in its corporal actions. I think it is essential all people are informed of exactly what they are putting into their bodies— how it was made, what it was made with, where it came from, etc. My hope is that this blog can give all of you reading this a well-rounded image of Monsanto so that you can develop your own view of this diverse corporation just like I have. Happy reading! 


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