Start with Why

Hi! My name is Natalie and I will be one of the four out our group posting on this blog about Monsanto Company’s business practices and the impacts it has on our society as a whole. My interest in sustainable organic farming can be traced back to my upbringing in the San Francisco Bay Area. My family planted our own garden and bought our fruits and vegetables from the local framers markets. In high school, I completed a short research assignment on the injustices of Dole banana workers in Nicaragua, focusing on health issues of women and child laborers caused by long-term exposure to pesticides. This assignment opened my eyes to the importance of ethics in business and introduced me to the concept of corporate social responsibility. Since then, I’ve been infatuated by how companies can be built around a single purpose and how their success cannot only be measured by profits alone but the power they have to serve and build a better world. This blog will allow me to dive deeper into Monsanto’s business decisions – from their supply chain management to their decision not to label their products. I want to emphasize how important it is for highly influential companies to be transparent with their business practices. I would also like to compare Monsanto to other companies leading the way in sustainability, such as Patagonia and Unilever in which both companies use their brand purpose to influence their internal business decisions and to promote fair labor practices, safe working conditions, and environment and social responsibility.


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