Farmers are the economy

To start out my blog and how Monsanto affects the economy and business, I will introduce how the farmers have such a big influence on the economy. To put into perspective how much money Monsanto makes, I read this report. Monsanto is the world’s largest seed manufacture. A company that makes billions upon billions of dollars has a big impact on the global economy. Monsanto makes a large, if not all of their money from farmers. Farming is a source of life for humans and Monsanto seeks to profit by charging farmers large amounts of money.

Farmers, small and large, must deal with Monsanto. Monsanto is not in the business to provide the best product for consumers and does not consider the long-term effects the product will have on humans and the Earth. Screen-shot-2013-02-26-at-5.25.45-PM-300x185

This Asgrow 4P system is a yearly high yield management system that is sold to soybean farmers. Although this product sounds beneficial, a lot of the numbers Monsanto uses to attract farmers are no where near being accurate. Most of the research with their products is performed in perfect environments like labs.  The yield farmers expect from using this type of product is not worth the cost.

When farmers buy these expensive products, it hits the farmers and the consumers. The only people to benefit off the product are the shareholders and employees of Monsanto. When selling these soybeans, farmers must decide a price to sell them. Since they spent more money in expenses expecting a better product, they usually predict costs not to change much or that they will be cheaper for the consumer. Farmers also must consider who their customers might be. In some regions, they are dealing with customers who can’t afford to pay much more for food. Usually the farmers that know they are selling to poorer regions are the ones that try these high yield systems to lower the cost to the consumer. This is where government farming subsidies comes into play. The farmers are the ones actually looking out for the consumer and take a loss on products and then the government (the people) ends up having to pay the farmers so they have a liveable income. Because of Monsanto, farmers have a large part in how much money people will spend on food and whether they can afford to consume the healthier, organic foods.


2 thoughts on “Farmers are the economy

  1. I think your post is really interesting. I live in St Louis, home of Monsanto, and I definitely have a different perspective on the company. I might be somewhat biased since a lot of classmates parents work there, and it is such a big part of the Saint Louis community, but I think at least some of the work they do could have global benefits. My high school biology class actually participated in one of Monsanto’s studies, where we monitored the growth of plants that had been genetically modified. The goal of this experiment was to find a genotype of wheat that is drought resistant, so it can grow in less hospitable places. Obviously Monsanto is a large business, so their goal is to profit off of the consumer, just like any other business. However, it might be interesting to see how some of Monsanto’s genetically modified crops have benefited both farmers and consumers. Your post is very informative, and I look forward to reading more about Monsanto!


    1. Hello! It is interesting reading what you have to say on Monsanto. Genetically modified products are so difficult to discuss because people don’t even know if they are harmful. Also, people are not sure the amount of damage they do if they are dangerous. Sometimes the rewards outweigh the risks. That could be something worth discussing on my part. Looking at the economic aspect of Monsanto and figuring out whether the products they are selling benefit consumers enough to maybe add more costs to the farmers over the long-term would be interesting. Cars and many other things are dangerous and pollutants but not many people say they aren’t going to use one because of those dangers. For you, being from St. Louis, you probably know a lot more about Monsanto than me at this point. Some of the genetically modified products will really help the third world countries that don’t have the water or the climate to grow some products. For countries like the United States, genetically modified products might not be worth the harm (if they are actually harmful).


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