Is Monsanto Killing Indian Farmers?

If we think that Monsanto is a big company for farmers in America, think again. They are nowhere near as being dominant as they are in India in terms of market share. Monsanto’s practices of deception are shown in this article here. Public relations is a strong part of a business and their success. Advertising a product as helping out is okay to do, but only if the product is actually helping out. The problem with Monsanto’s advertising is they are attacking the weak. India is not a developed country, the farmers are not educated, and they are already very poor. Saying that a product will help the farmers live a better life is a pretty broad statement. The Indian farmers can’t really live much worse than they already do. Or can they? It seems like Monsanto’s advertising practices in India and other sales methods got them huge market share for cotton seeds in India. They control 95% of the market, which would be acceptable if the product actually made the farmers money. Monsanto actually entered the cotton seed market in India illegally. By the time government went after them, the seeds were already pretty well distributed through out India. This seed monopoly in India created large amounts of debt, stress, and did not produce as expected. Researchers even found out that most of the farmer suicides were in the cotton belt of India. Monsanto’s cotton seeds are looked at as seeds of suicide and as their profits grow, farmer’s debt grows. Although Monsanto has done a lot to really depress the farmers to suicide, it is tough to distinguish whether it is completely their fault. I don’t think enough research has been done to come down to any conclusions. It is certainly an interesting piece in how Monsanto affects farmer’s lives and how important Monsanto is to them.


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