Theory: fairness

In order for fairness in the market, something must be done with Monsanto Company so that they are not the only one benefiting from their product. Right now, if Monsanto keeps heading in the direction they are going in, farmers and consumers will continue to be hurt. Monsanto, being a monopolistic like company, is what brought the issue to where it is now. Monsanto bought out competition, and the competition that wasn’t bought out was threatened. A total of $12 billion was spent in acquiring new companies. Not even all of these companies exist today, some were bought so that they did not get in Monsanto’s way of conducting business. In order for the fair competition, Monsanto should be broken down. Splitting Monsanto into different divisions based on seeds, herbicides, and chemical systems would allow more competition to come into play. Also, Monsanto would be forced to do some things differently, such as treating customers better since they could lose them to others.

One step in a positive direction is labeling GMO products. This would warn people of what they are consuming, but it would have to get done on a national level. Right now, only 26 states are considering legislation that would include labeling of some sort. The reason for nationwide labeling is companies can’t afford to make labels for all different parts of the country, so some companies might just sell products in labeled states or non-labeled states.

Another even more progressive idea taking place is banning GMO seeds entirely. This would make it impossible for Monsanto to sue organic farmers who were being sued for having their GMO seeds planted on their lawn from the wind. Also, it would make farmers save money since they wouldn’t be in a contract obligation with Monsanto. I think something has to be done that will keep Monsanto in business, but that also keeps farmers and consumers on the same level with them. Things like labeling help, but since health effects from Monsanto seeds are not completely known, it might be deceiving to consumers. Splitting Monsanto up will give Monsanto less cash than they have now and it will separate the amount of power they have with the government. Any type of agreement for both the farmers and Monsanto will benefit everyone. If Monsanto is able to become a responsible corporation, then maybe Monsanto would not be so hated and they would develop a better relationship with the public.


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