End Monsanto

By the end of my blog post, it was not very difficult to not like Monsanto. I can now see why two million people protested about this company.

The company really does target the poor. In this article, Monsanto and other GMO providers now have more developing country farmers using GMO seeds than industrial nation farmers. This is largely due to countries in Europe being very against GMOs. Not only that, but when they did try to bring GMOs to Europe, the idea failed miserably. That is when Monsanto went in for the “final kill” in Europe and collected money for failed contracts with farmers. It isn’t just Monsanto attacking the weak either. The six largest seed companies made $50 billion in revenue in 2013. It is not surprise to see Monsanto’s biggest customers. They are all developed or developing countries such as The United States ( we do have plenty of excess food in the country), Canada, Brazil, Argentina, and India. Three of those countries are developing and have huge populations. Monsanto is hoping to get in on India’s rising middle class. Over one billion people live in India, the economy is improving, and people are eating more. This article is interesting because it talks about how the one scientific evidence that came up related to Monsanto was blamed on the Chernobyl disaster. Apparently, the food wasn’t killing the people, but a nuclear disaster that occurred four years earlier was the reason why people were getting cancer. One thing that is interesting though is the amount of food related allergies that have gone up. Is this because of more pollution or is it because of food? The best ones to have an answer would be the farmers and Monsanto. Doing research on the people handling the herbicides and application systems and their health over a prolonged time should give people an idea of what they are consuming. Farmers do not deserve to be dealing with extremely harmful chemicals just to put food on the table.


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