Implications: What Won’t Happen

If Monsanto continues to hold the power they have, I think the situation will progressively get worse.  Monsanto paying lobbyists will continue to happen. People will be uninformed of many of the things they are putting into their body; whether it is good or bad for them. Monsanto will also continue to protect their business and profits.  They certainly feel that genetically modified seeds are no harm. Since not much scientific research is out there to pick a side, I can’t say if what they are doing is okay. I don’t think a company should be 100% supportive of a product if it has even the slightest chance of harming people. So until scientific evidence comes out, Monsanto should not be putting millions of dollars into their PR department for possibly unhealthy seeds. Also, Monsanto will also continue to spend lots of money protecting their brand. They spent $25 million to get word out there that their food products are safe. Consumers and farmers do not want to see Monsanto heading into this direction. People want to see something done about this company being too big. Farmers deserve their fair share in the business and want to make money by feeding people safe products.


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