This is what I’m Implying

Let’s say we forget everything that was mentioned in this blog. Forget the big corporations emitting toxins in low income and minority areas, forget the unknown and potentially dangerous side effects of GMOs and other engineered foods, forget the lack of regulation that our government has on all of this. What’s the worst that could happen? Well…

GMOs could be found to have incredibly negative side effects. Which would be especially bad if most of us had been eating them exclusively because they’re so inexpensive. Scientific studies are researching the detrimental effects of GMOs, some of those which may change our genetics permanently. 

Pollution may not just affect minorities and low income but all of us. Pollution studies have little faith that the amount of toxins we emit are something we can sustain and be completely healthy with.

The mixture of pollutants, ones used in agriculture and those used in industry can combine to not only affect our health, but slowly deplete the protective pencil thin ozone layer in the stratosphere.

But whatever, those are no big deal anyways. Right?


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