Implications Post: The Future of Monsanto and Politics

When it comes to the interaction of GMO’s, companies like Monsanto, and the government, if Monsanto and their products are not regulated and monitored by the government, we could be heading down a slippery slope toward not having a proper understanding of what we’re putting into our bodies, and allowing a few corporations to control what we know and don’t know about the food we consume. When people say GMOs are safe, they are often forgetting that they are produced by the same company that reassured society that products like Agent Orange, DDT and PCBs were safe. Can we really trust a company with so many dangerous products in its past to reassure us about the safety of its new products, on its own, without government regulation or interference? The simple answer is no. Without government interference and regulation of GMOs, Monsanto will only repeat its past mistakes and controversies. Past instances indicate that consumers can no longer even trust scientists that tell them that GMOs are safe; as I have mentioned previously, it is known that Monsanto has a history of paying scientists at public research universities to be advocates for their products, and some scientists are now even trying to create GMOs formulated specifically to avoid government regulation. The only way for us to truly know what we are putting into our bodies is to avoid GMOs – and we need the help of additional government regulation of Monsanto and GMOs in order to do this.


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