Self-Analysis | Looking toward the greater good

Reflecting back on the research and writing I’ve completed the past few weeks, I realized just how research extensive this blog was. When I began writing, I was focused on the ethics of Monsanto’s business practices. Most of my research was focused on the U.S. farming industry but I quickly realized how global Monsanto is and how far their corporation reaches. Halfway through I decided to focus on the further implications of unethical business practices on society beyond Monsanto. This allowed me to look at the bigger picture and learn more about innovative sustainable agriculture as well as analyze other companies in relation to agriculture, sustainability and ethical business. Further, I found more similarities between Monsanto and other big corporations. This helped me focus on the real issue at hand: corporate greed. I learned analyzing Monsanto’s business practices was just the beginning. Going further to analyze and compare Monsanto to other businesses was the crucial part of my development as a thinker. Not only was I able to pin point Monsanto’s wrongdoings, but I am now able to devise alternatives to their current practices and ways they can improve their business. Though I was concerned many of my findings were about big business and corporate greed in our society, I was still able to find the good – businesses that hold themselves to the highest moral expectations. And as I mentioned in my previous posts, it reinforced my notion that business holds the key to solving many of the world’s problems.

Another unique part of this blog project was the collaboration our group had. In addition to reading their posts, we often shared our findings as well as any ideas or concerns we had about the direction our blog was taking. Having their input was important because they usually brought up a new perspective that helped me think differently about a specific issue.

In conclusion, this research experience was invaluable in helping strengthen my critical thinking skills. As I look forward to next semester at the business school, this blog has helped prepare me to critically analyze a business in a global marketplace and strategize new alternatives that are both ethical and sustainable…that focus on the greater good.


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