What Monsanto did for me

As a student interested in business, I never made the connections with how big Monsanto was. Companies like Monsanto are not the type that I typically do research on and look at whether it is something worth investing in. After doing multiple blog posts and research on Monsanto related issues, I was able to make many connections back to Monsanto. Monsanto is a huge player in the agricultural industry. Many companies, people, and towns prosper or fail because of Monsanto. When Walmart comes to town, many other convenience stores and supermarkets suffer, when Monsanto comes to town, many farmers suffer because of Monsanto’s intimidation techniques. Since our group’s topic was so broad, it allowed me to have a broad focus from the start. Since then, I was able to narrow it down to how Monsanto disrupted the supply chain of food and how farmers were affected. Other blog posts in the group gave me more insight on Monsanto and helped me become more informed on my own topic. As an independent thinker for this project, I know that I learned a lot more through my research done for my weekly blog posts. I could not just do a weekly blog post from what I already knew or from reading other classmates’ posts. This would have made my posts look uneducated and would have been embarrassing to present online. Since this unit required a lot of research, I found myself frequently learning things about Monsanto that were not helpful for my project, but for other members in the group. This allowed for the group setting to really exist and we all found times where we helped each other out. Monsanto is a serious company with severe issues behind what they produce. The educated should not be ignoring the issue and should instead try to teach the ill informed more about Monsanto and whom they affect. I now am in a much more comfortable position to argue about GMOs and can go beyond that and argue more about the business and economic influences Monsanto has.


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