Blogs Worth Reading

Our English 105 class has done an excellent job of exploring a diverse range of topics and issues within our blog projects. Youncee

Blog and Chill did a great job at discussing politics in a broad way. The upcoming election has brought a lot of attention to politics and candidates like Donald Trump brought more interest to the election. The topics discussed brought attention to some of the important aspect of the election.

Drfrostedflakes is a great blog analyzing the creations of identities. Some topics they discussed are racial issues in sports and the interactions between people of different socioeconomic classes. This is a unique blog in that they brought up many important topics that aren’t regularly discussed on a daily basis.

youncee discusses the various controversies that revolve around ethical medical issues. It’s important to see how health and science advancements interact with our society. It allows us to realize that science can not only be advanced by the people, but can also be hindered by it. Various topics include: mental health, abortion, contraceptives, and stem cell research.


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