End Monsanto

By the end of my blog post, it was not very difficult to not like Monsanto. I can now see why two million people protested about this company. The company really does target the poor. In this article, Monsanto and other GMO providers now have more developing country farmers using GMO seeds than industrial nation … More End Monsanto

Theory: fairness

In order for fairness in the market, something must be done with Monsanto Company so that they are not the only one benefiting from their product. Right now, if Monsanto keeps heading in the direction they are going in, farmers and consumers will continue to be hurt. Monsanto, being a monopolistic like company, is what … More Theory: fairness

Taking a Step Back

In order to take a step forward with my blog, I want to take a step back. I feel like I did not discuss the business side of Monsanto. In order to explain in depth about the farmers and Monsanto, I want to provide some background so that we all, including myself, can understand the amount … More Taking a Step Back

Monsanto business

Hello, I am Steven. As a student in college, I am frequently told about the different issues that are occurring worldwide. Since students are the future, we should really take an interest in and care about issues that will affect us for a long time. Monsanto Company is a multinational agricultural company that produces seeds … More Monsanto business