Self Analysis: Monsanto and Politics

Throughout this project, I believe I have grown greatly as a thinker, particularly in my ability to delve more deeply into the complexities of a controversial issue like genetically modified foods and understand that there are nuances to every complex issue that aren’t necessarily black or white. While my first post about the Monsanto Protection … More Self Analysis: Monsanto and Politics

Blogs Worth Reading

Our English 105 class has done an excellent job of exploring a diverse range of topics and issues within our blog projects. Youncee Blog and Chill did a great job at discussing politics in a broad way. The upcoming election has brought a lot of attention to politics and candidates like Donald Trump brought more interest … More Blogs Worth Reading

Self-Analysis | Looking toward the greater good

Reflecting back on the research and writing I’ve completed the past few weeks, I realized just how research extensive this blog was. When I began writing, I was focused on the ethics of Monsanto’s business practices. Most of my research was focused on the U.S. farming industry but I quickly realized how global Monsanto is … More Self-Analysis | Looking toward the greater good

GMO Regulation in Europe vs. the United States: A Comparison

Because I have looked into mostly the politics of Monsanto and GMOs in specifically the United States, I realized that it was important to also examine the regulation of GMOs in other parts of the world, specifically Europe, in order to identify what the differences and similarities are in our legislation regarding GMOs versus theirs. A … More GMO Regulation in Europe vs. the United States: A Comparison

Implications Post: The Future of Monsanto and Politics

When it comes to the interaction of GMO’s, companies like Monsanto, and the government, if Monsanto and their products are not regulated and monitored by the government, we could be heading down a slippery slope toward not having a proper understanding of what we’re putting into our bodies, and allowing a few corporations to control what we … More Implications Post: The Future of Monsanto and Politics

Ethics Unresolved | Implications

It’s not difficult to imagine what the consequences of irresponsible business ethics would look like because it is already a harsh reality we face. Here are some alarming events: Dole Food Company faced a lawsuit from their workers who claimed their health issues were caused from exposure to the pesticide, DBCP. GMO and pesticide testing aren’t just conducted in third world countries. Hawaii … More Ethics Unresolved | Implications