End Monsanto

By the end of my blog post, it was not very difficult to not like Monsanto. I can now see why two million people protested about this company. The company really does target the poor. In this article, Monsanto and other GMO providers now have more developing country farmers using GMO seeds than industrial nation … More End Monsanto

Theory Post: Reforming the Interaction of Government and Corporations

As my research and writing on this blog has evolved, I’ve come to realize that Monsanto is merely a case study for a much bigger political problem at hand: the need for a major reworking of the way corporations and government interact. The way corporations exert influence over government can be simplified to one tactic: … More Theory Post: Reforming the Interaction of Government and Corporations

Theory post | Business ethics

Why shouldn’t businesses promote ethical practices? I think most people would agree workers want fair wages, safe working conditions, health benefits, paid leave, etc. Now ask the question to yourself again but remember, we’re living in a free market economy. That’s where the debate lies: the definition and function of a free market economy. Many people believe … More Theory post | Business ethics

Theory: fairness

In order for fairness in the market, something must be done with Monsanto Company so that they are not the only one benefiting from their product. Right now, if Monsanto keeps heading in the direction they are going in, farmers and consumers will continue to be hurt. Monsanto, being a monopolistic like company, is what … More Theory: fairness

Lowering CEO earnings and increasing worker pay

The widening gap in income inequality has become a growing issue since the turn of the century. One of the main causes that contributes to the disparity is that worker pay has stagnated while chief corporate executives (CEO) incomes have skyrocketed. In the United States, compensation for CEOs soared 937% between 1978 and 2013. Today, a CEO makes 300 times … More Lowering CEO earnings and increasing worker pay

Less harm, more good (Analysis)

Monsanto has self-proclaimed itself as a “sustainable agricultural company”. Through my research thus far, I have found many contradicting events that prove otherwise, but the issues causing the events go further than just Monsanto. The system is set up so large corporations can get away with greed and power. This greed and power is so influential it has infiltrated … More Less harm, more good (Analysis)