Monsanto: An Analysis of the Politics of a Corporation Surrounded by Controversy

From it’s initial founding in 1901, Monsanto has frequently been at the center of many controversies – not only because of their products, but also because of their questionable political practices. Through my research into Monsanto and GMOs and subsequent blogging and discussion, I hope to examine Monsanto and its practices through a poltical science perspective. … More Monsanto: An Analysis of the Politics of a Corporation Surrounded by Controversy

The “natural” option

When people hear the word “natural” along with their food or drug product, they might automatically assume that it’s safer, as opposed to its “artificial” counterpart. Herbal supplements, for example, are sometimes used as an alternative to other medications. Even though it does have the label “natural”, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t contain drug-like effects. … More The “natural” option

How One Piece of Legislation Keeps Monsanto in Check

While the influence that Monsanto and other corporations can have over the legislation process can be alarming at times, an interesting article was recently published by the Huffington Post, which shed some light on one way legislation is actually currently being used to keep Monsanto and other organizations in check: through the Freedom of Information Act … More How One Piece of Legislation Keeps Monsanto in Check

Sustainable farming in comparison

For this post, I decided to dive further into examples of sustainable farming is in comparison to Monsanto’s practices and the environmental and health consequences that result from them. The Sustainable Table defines sustainable agriculture as: the production of food, fiber, or other plant or animal products using farming techniques that protect the environment, public health, human … More Sustainable farming in comparison

The healthy “choice”

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are exactly what the name entails; Genetically engineered versions of preexisting products. This combining of genes is primarily used to enhance food production, by modifying crops to resist insects, herbicides, and disease. In regards to animals, they can be genetically modified in a way to produce leaner, lower-fat meat and to … More The healthy “choice”

Taking a Step Back

In order to take a step forward with my blog, I want to take a step back. I feel like I did not discuss the business side of Monsanto. In order to explain in depth about the farmers and Monsanto, I want to provide some background so that we all, including myself, can understand the amount … More Taking a Step Back

Should There Be a Law Mandating GMO-labeling?

The Connecticut-based news website the Hartford Courant recently published an op-ed regarding the status of Connecticut’s law mandating the labeling of GMO foods. The article condemns the idea of legally mandating GMO labels on foods, essentially arguing that that law is not only needless, but that there is a lack of evidence that GMO foods do any … More Should There Be a Law Mandating GMO-labeling?

Profit vs Ethics

Corporate espionage. You have probably heard of this term in the news or in movies or TV shows. You have probably also heard of the fraud that occurs in corporate America. Why and how often does it happen? Why has our society gotten used to the greed in big business? Why doesn’t the media talk … More Profit vs Ethics